Remembrance: Pass It On

It’s been 10 years since the Year of the Veteran was observed in Canada. At that time, Susan Pellow decided to lead a Tavistock history project to identify and gather information on all those who served their country in the two World Wars and other conflicts.

Postcard from the front

Jason Lichti (right) speaks with East Zorra-Tavistock Fire Chief Scott Alexander following the Remembrance Service at the Legion on Sunday afternoon, November 9, 2014. Both men’s ancestors were members of the 168th Battalion, 22nd Oxford Rifles.

Tavistock: It was 1914

In 1914 the village of Tavistock boasted slightly over 1,000 people and four hotels. Henry Ford had just introduced the assembly line operation in his Model T car plant in Detroit, Michigan, and Babe Ruth played his first professional baseball game.

Freedom on the Underground Railroad

Marva Wisdom came to Tavistock from Jamaica in 1974 and is currently the Director for the Black Experience Project. She is the founding Chair of the Guelph Black Heritage Foundation whose aim is to renovate an historic British Methodist Episcopal Church, associated with the Underground Railroad of Southwestern Ontario.

The Eel

In the early 1900’s a light dappled-grey stallion that stood about 15 hands high, named The Eel, was deemed to be the most popular pacer of his time. More than one hundred years have passed since The Eel died.

Fred Krug Illumination

Among the many items pertaining to Mr. Fred Krug in the Tavistock Museum and Archives is an illuminated hand-lettered document presented to F. Krug Esq. by the congregation of Knox Presbyterian Church, Tavistock at his home on April 27, 1921. The following is the report printed in the Tavistock Gazette on April 28, 1921.

Relict of the Past

Victorian era funeral traditions were steeped in superstition and were sometimes downright ridiculous. Just before the turn of the 20th century, you might pay $8.00 for an economical funeral or $85 for a high class event.


A project of the Tavistock & District Historical Society - Year of the Veteran - 2005. This project includes information and photos of Veterans from Tavistock & District, Ontario, Canada. The information in this project has been gathered from many people and many sources.


Obituary indexes are available online. Birth and marriage records are being indexed by volunteers and will be available when complete. The Archives also has a great number of family tree books available by visiting the Museum.