"Sons of Tavistock" March

The Old Boys’ Reunion of 1930 was a huge undertaking in the history of Tavistock. Months and more months were spent planning the many events taking place during Old Home Week. Part of the preparations centered around “Sons of Tavistock”, the official march written especially for the reunion.

J.L. Verweire of Fort Wayne, Indiana, was a famous composer of band marches. When he learned of the Old Boys Reunion from Ed Woefle, a Tavistock “old boy”, he offered to write a march gratis for the event. At the time Ed, the son of Martin and Christina (Merklinger) Woelfle, was a student at Concordia University in the US and Verwiere was the instructor of the college band.

“A snappy march it is, with a catchy air” reported the Tavistock Gazette. Sheet music was provided to 15 bands taking part in programs during Old Home Week. The tune proved so popular that it was subsequently published for the piano.

In May of 1930 the Gazette announced that a prize of $10 would be given to the person writing the most appropriate words for the march. No winner was ever reported. The prize money (still $10) is available to anyone wishing to take up this challenge.