Staebler's Jewellery Store

For 37 years, from 1892 to 1929, Moses Staebler was Tavistock's trusted jeweller and watch repairman. From his store at the five corners (NE site) he sold a wide variety of items ... music books, safety razors, phonographs, eyeglasses, canes, silverware, purses and violins along with the expected clocks and watches and jewellery. One wonders how many marriages in the community were sealed with a ring purchased at Staebler's Jewellery Store.

To see a picture of his storefront, go to the Lemp Studio Collection section of this website, grid format, and search under Staebler Jeweller.

Moses Morlock Staebler was born in New Hamburg in 1867 and moved to Tavistock as a young boy. A lifelong bachelor, he died in 1940 at age 72 from injuries received when riding his bicycle.