The Tipperary Club

The January 21, 1915 edition of the Tavistock Gazette included a short announcement about a new club ...... “Some of the enterprising young men of the village have formed a club under the name ‘The Tipperary Club’ and though the movement is hardly a week old the members number almost thirty. Their rooms are in the Baechler Block, just above Ruppel’s shoe store.”

Not a word about the purpose of the club or what membership may entail but with 30 members it was off to a flying start.

As time passed occasional references were made to the football club or the bowling club or others holding their meetings in the Tipperary Club room. The next mention of the club itself was 11 months later on December 2, 1915 when the Gazette reported that the Tipperary Club held its first annual meeting and elected officers. Again not even a hint about what the club did or expected to do.

Just a few weeks later another announcement appeared and read ... “The social held under the auspices of the Tipperary Club in the club rooms last Thursday evening provided a grand success. The evening was spent in cards and dancing and brought to a close at 12 o’clock by a very tasty lunch prepared by the ladies. Miss Lottie Kalbfleisch made a very pleasing chaperone and carried everything out in an honourable manner”.

And that was it. Nothing more. Literally nothing more. There were no references, direct or indirect, in the Gazette from then on.

What was the Tipperary Club all about? Why did it start so well and then fizzle so fast?

If you have any information about this club, please give us a call. Our imagination needs some reining in with solid facts.