Marva Wisdom came to Tavistock from Jamaica in 1974 and is currently the Director for the Black Experience Project. She is the founding Chair of the Guelph Black Heritage Foundation whose aim is to renovate an historic British Methodist Episcopal Church, associated with the Underground Railroad of Southwestern Ontario.
In the early 1900’s a light dappled-grey stallion that stood about 15 hands high, named The Eel, was deemed to be the most popular pacer of his time. More than one hundred years have passed since The Eel died.
Among the many items pertaining to Mr. Fred Krug in the Tavistock Museum and Archives is an illuminated hand-lettered document presented to F. Krug Esq. by the congregation of Knox Presbyterian Church, Tavistock at his home on April 27, 1921. The following is the report printed in the Tavistock Gazette on April 28, 1921.